Arrange your holiday transfer!

Are you worried about how you will get there or how you will leave Thessaloniki airport? Then, keep in mind that there are many ways and means for you and your family and that you do not need to be stressed. Some ways to get you to and from the airport, which should be noted that it is 15 km from the city of Thessaloniki, are the following:

  • Taxi: It is worth noting that there are a variety of taxi services for your transfer to and from Macedonia Airport. The reservation can be made most of the time either through a form or by phone. Experienced drivers can take you safely and comfortably to the desired destination and make sure to provide you with the best possible service. Also, in most cases, you can choose the taxi vehicle with which you wish to be transported.
  • City Buses: The city buses connect the airport of Thessaloniki with the New Railway Station, with the centre of Thessaloniki, as well as with the Intercity Station of Macedonia (KTEL). Departure is usually every 30 minutes and the ticket price is around 2 euros. Children up to 6 years old can travel for free. The routes in detail are the following:

Directly to the city centre and the opposite:

  • No 01X “KTEL – Airport”
  • No 01N “KTEL – Airport” (Night line)

By transfer to the KTEL of Halkidiki, the center or the eastern areas of the Prefecture of Thessaloniki and the opposite (via the IKEA Transfer Station):

  • No 45 “KTEL Macedonia – KTEL Halkidiki”
  • No 01X “KTEL- Airport”
  • No 01N “KTEL – Airport” (Night line)

To the eastern areas of Thessaloniki

  • No 79 “IKEA – Airport”

For further information, refer to the site of  ΟΑΣΘ

  • MINI VAN-TAXI:  Your transfer to and from Thessaloniki airport can be undertaken by companies that have taxis-vans, which are spacious, comfortable, convenient and can transport a large number of people. The range of vehicles is wide and the price range varies depending on the people or the services they will provide you.


At our hotel, we constantly take care to offer you the best possible service and care. We consider your needs and expectations and adapt our services accordingly. For this very reason, you have the opportunity to book from our site your transfer to and from Thessaloniki airport. You can also organize an excursion of your choice with the luxurious and safe van and cars that we have. Our staff is at your disposal for anything you need.

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