Hotel Odysseas is located on the Cassandra peninsula in beautiful Halkidiki. It is the starting point for organized or independent excursions to the unique sights of Halkidiki and Northern Greece such as Mount Athos, the Petralona cave, Thessaloniki, Vergina, Mount Olympus, Meteora, the villages in the north of Halkidiki. – for expeditions by jeep or on horseback to discover all the green Cassandra – for daily cruises to Toroneos Golf or – organised diving in the blue waters.

Mount Athos Peninsula is just 90 kilometres from Polychrono. You can join an organized cruise around the peninsula, but you need a special permit to enter it.


POPULATION 1.200.000

It is the largest city centre in Northern Greece and is named after the sister of Alexander the Great. It is a city that lives night and day and where you can enjoy your meals by the sea or your coffee just beside the white tower, landmark and ornament of the city. You can also visit Byzantine churches, Roman monuments, and the archaeological museum, where there are treasures and discoveries of ancient Macedonia. Meet the real nightlife of Greece by favourite places with popular Greek music or European. Do not forget to buy in the city centre or at the shopping centres that come to the city of Halkidiki.


At a distance of 180 kilometres from the hotel, this daily excursion transports you to the time of Alexander the Great and the Spur ÉÉ. Among other things, you can visit the tomb of the incendiary ÉÉ and the museum, which hosts the treasures found in the tombs and the old ones; Aiges the first capital of the Macedonian kingdom.


A popular but distant destination. It is 340 kilometres from the hotel, so a daily organized excursion is recommended. Near the city of Kalambaka and on the steep cliffs you can visit six monasteries open to the public. The Monastery of the Transfiguration of Christ, the Convent of the Holly Trinity, the Monastery of Saint Nicolas, the Convent of Saint Varlaam, the Convent of Saint Rousanos and finally the Convent of Saint Stephen.


It is the highest mount in Greece and it is at a distance of 190 kilometres from the hotel. It used to be the residence of the 12 Olympic gods of Ancient Greece. A place of exquisite natural beauty, picturesque villages and the town of Dion at the foot of the mountain. You can visit the sacred archaeological area and the archaeological museum within a few kilometres.


The cave of Petralona has located 62km from our hotel and you can visit it by yourself or in the form of an excursion for a small price. You will enjoy the big cave with numerous palaeontology findings and see where the Neanderthal human lived.

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Excursions near our hotel

Visit the Mountain Cholomontas, filled with rare fauna and flora. The villages on the north part of Chalkidiki and the old town of Stagira, the birthplace of Aristotle.

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Taste the local traditional dishes, take part in a safari jeep organized by the travel agencies and seize the chance to see the pine forests and the various beaches of the peninsula.

Discover Mavrobara with its rare turtles just 4 km from the hotel, and explore the bottom of the sea connecting professional diving groups.

Or finally, you can have daily cruises to the blue waters of the Toroneos Gulf.